Natural Skin Care

With Ozone

Medical Ozone 

Natural Ozone 

Ozone is a gas, constantly created naturally in the atmosphere. Ozone is formed from dioxygen by the action of ultraviolet light and also atmospheric electrical discharges, and is present in low concentrations throughout the Earth's atmosphere. The highest levels of ozone in the atmosphere are in the stratosphere, in a region also known as the ozone layer between about 10 km and 50 km above the surface (or between about 6 and 31 miles). The so-called ozone layer  is beneficial, preventing damaging ultraviolet light from reaching the Earth's surface, to the benefit of both plants and animals.

Low level ozone ( tropospheric ozone also commonly known as smog) is an atmospheric pollutant. It is not emitted directly by car engines or by industrial operations, but formed by the reaction of sunlight on air containing hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that react to form ozone directly at the source of the pollution or many kilometers down wind.


Medical Ozone 

 Medical ozone can be generated by exposing (pure) oxygen to an electric field. The oxygen gas which has 2 atoms [O2] is split, and the atoms regroup into threes [O3].  This ozone gas [O3] is unstable and soon rearranges itself into oxygen [O2] again. Medical ozone is also a therapeutic tool of great power, which can aid the body in regaining health.

Ozone have many applications in the industry and medical industry for example, many hospitals around the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate operating rooms between surgeries. The rooms are cleaned and then sealed airtight before being filled with ozone which effectively kills or neutralizes all remaining bacteria.   


New research revive old established medical process  

The benefits of Ozonated oils were known shortly after Nikola Tesla patenting his first ozone generator ( in 1900 ) and began marketing an ozonated olive oil to medical doctors. However, only with resent studies we truly begin to understand the theory and medical properties behind ozonated oils, consequently open  up a new interest in the process. With this new knowledge and technology available to us, we can now produce a range of ozonated oils with optimum medical properties. However, to ensure optimum results, the infusion process have to be very firmly controlled. An uncontrolled process can introduce harmful by-product and we will strongly recommend readers to be selective in their choice of ozonated oils.


Ozonated Oils

Plant and vegetable extracts are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. These oils have in their chemical structure, double bonds that ozone will react with and form a new chain of ozonoids with medical properties similar to Medical Ozone gas. The Ozonated product forms a cream with excellent medical properties for a majority of skin ailments